info info. „One day I rediscovered the texts I had written in my childhood and when I was a teenager. Scraps of paper. The texts conduct a long way a long process from deepest pain, fear and despair to fury, self-doubt, suicidal ideation and finally to a clear, courageous way. I wanted to publish the texts - for me, for everyone who sexual abuse concerns - however.
The pictures express very precise, what the little girl what the texts of the little girl want to convey to us.
They alienate my personal experiences and lay open the core of it: Beastliness, repressed emotions and the tears that have never been cried. ”

name, text
  m. schildmann, fotografie

„I find my pictures, sense them, sometimes I search for them and at times I am fortunate and find them - sometimes not until I work on them on the computer. I act on instinct and it`s very emotional. For this project I had the 'story' in my mind and it always went along with me. Now and then I thought: this could fit with the project. Later on, when I was in a special mood, I made preselection. Sometime later I read the texts again and made my final choice. I was always guided by my instinct and did not search for any rationale or connectivity.”

ZART-BITTER is an exhibition in course of the project 'verlorene geschichten' of the 'kultur am ems-delta e.v.'. the project is about stories and happenings that have been lost, forgotten, destroyed or sunken.
ZART-BITTER tells the story of someone who had lost her own past. most times to much painful, energie-sapping... lost to be able to survive. the stories came back to awareness in fragments, searching a way to express themselves and find it in short texts.

photography's join the way, empathize the texts, pick up the emotion of them and give the viewer another point of view.
an exhibition